What we do

Build and Develop awesome business cloud applications that serves small and medium enterprise in middle east and Africa. Till now we have developed an HR and payroll application. Soon you will find more. One of our core values is quality. We strive to keep our solutions with high quality, business value and competing prices. To do that we have secured a big investment from a lot of smart investors from USA, UAE, KSA and EGYPT.

Why?. Startups, and small companies are not founded to keep small, they have been founded to grow and expand. No way to do that except with good management for company’s resources. ERP solutions require a lot of investments that small companies can not afford. MOHR apps are there to keep this easy and doable.

How?. We have a highly qualified technical support team in Egypt. A middle place for middle east and Africa, where we share most working day hours. We have partners in many countries in the middle east. We are growing.

Join us, help us ☺