Job competencies

The job competencies module helps you map the skills gap in each department or functional team. Spotting the skills gap help plan your team development activities.

Every job has its own requirements of skills and psychological and personal characteristics, in MOHR we rely on several psychological assessments to test the employee's suitability for his job and determine the deficiencies in his skills.

Our tests can identify the employee tendency to demonstrate the relevant competencies and work-related behaviors critical for his job. We even give recommendations for the career orientations to help identify the careers most suitable for the personality type of the employee. Our tests also investigate the cognitive abilities. We also have a motivation assessment and leadership style assessment.

MOHR helps you build job description and job profiles for each job title you have by providing skills, traits, and abilities we can measure. You can choose from a predefined skills and traits. You can review our jobs bank as a reference guide. Once you built the job description or the job profile, you can generate a psychometric test that tests these traits.

The job competencies module gives you a graphical presentation for the strength and weakness points in each employee. It also gives you the skills gap report and suggest you a development action.