HR HelpDesk

The HR helpdesk is a human resources service office system that provides a distinguished experience in managing the relationship between employees and human resources departments, and helps in building good and solid relationships between human resources employees and the rest of the staff, as it improves the performance and effectiveness of communication in a standard way.

The HR helpdesk system monitors all employee requests, inquiries and complaints, and manages them through an organized work cycle that ensures all employees are responded to in record time through easy and simple user interfaces, and a strong and flexible system to build and automate any work cycle, regardless of its complexity. It also offers tools, customer interfaces, and a robust reporting platform.

The HR helpdesk module can be easily configured to support in the following situations:

  • Employees complaints.
  • Task and workflow management
  • Receiving complaints from social media.
  • Receiving complaints from emails.
  • Chat support
  • Chat bot and virtual assistant
  • Surveying employees
  • Facilities management