Privacy Policy

MOHR is a cloud-based human resource management program hosted by Microsoft's data center.

MOHR has adopted a privacy policy to ensure to its customers its commitment and dedication to maintaining the privacy of customers and users. In this context, MOHR is committed to maintaining the highest standards of confidentiality and privacy for its customers, and it also understands its customers' need for full control over their data that they save with us.

Personal Data:

All your personal data that you saved on the MOHR system is stored in Microsoft's data centers and is also subject to the privacy policy of Microsoft's data centers, and you can view it on the Microsoft website.

In all cases, the company that uses MOHR system shall take all appropriate measures to protect the personal information they provide us with from any attempt to infringe or penetrate it.

The information that you provide to us about yourself or others during the buying process is used to complete the purchase process only, and is never circulated with any external party except in case of extreme necessity, which is usually based on a court ruling.

In the end, the MOHR team never uses the personal data that was written on MOHR website in a manner that contradicts the aforementioned provisions, with the exception that this data can be used as follows:

• Contacting to inquire about some employees or users in case they have unlawful behavior on the system.
• Call to inquire or confirm payment and subscription data.
• In addition to that, it is possible to call to inform about some new services.

Data Location:

The location of the data is in one of the Microsoft data centers spread around the world, and the full responsibility lies on MOHR in choosing the most appropriate place in accordance with Microsoft's privacy policy.

Collection of IP address data and cookies policy:

When you visit MOHR website or MOHR system, we collect some information such as IP addresses, Internet service provider, operating system OS, the website the visitor came from, and the time and date of the visit. Collecting all this data is part of both site and system operations.

MOHR collects this data for the purpose of creating statistics for the marketing and development team to find out which places in both the site and the system are worth improving and developing.

MOHR also collects other information using cookie technology. A cookie is a small file that the website sends to the browser, which in turn stores it on your system.

If you do not have the desire to deal with cookies, you can set your browser so that it informs you when any site tries to send a cookie so that you make your decision to allow or block it, and you can also set the browser to completely cancel the cookie feature.

Amendment to the Privacy Policy:

Sometimes we may make some changes to the privacy policy according to some notes that we received from customers or as a result of an amendment in a product, and in the event that there are modifications about how customers' personal data are used, they will be contacted before the modifications are activated.
In general, MOHR advises its clients to periodically review the privacy policy.

If you have questions or concerns about the privacy policy, please email us at last updated Jan 2021